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Alcoholics Anonymous, Spain

Anonymity Letter to the Media

TO: Managing editors; news anchors and photography directors; radio and television news editors and producers; television interview program hosts.

FROM: Alcoholics Anonymous Public Information Committee


For many years now, we members of A.A. have recognized and appreciated the support we have received from our friends in the media. You have helped us to save the lives of countless people. We ask that you continue to cooperate with us to protect the anonymity of our members at the public level.

We ask that you continue to help us by presenting A.A. members

  • using their first names only
  • without using photographs in which members are recognizable

Anonymity is of central importance to our fellowship, and it offers our members the assurance that their recovery will be a confidential matter.  Frequently, the active alcoholic will avoid any source of help that might reveal his identity.

Alcoholics Anonymous is not affiliated with any other organization, though many have adapted the Twelve Steps of A.A. for their own use.  A.A. is self-supporting and turns down all outside contributions.  We are not professionals; we offer only the voluntary support of one alcoholic who helps another.

In all parts of the world, favorable media reports have been one of the main ways of attracting alcoholics to our fellowship. You have helped to make this possible, and for that we are very grateful to you.