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Alcoholics Anonymous, Spain

Alcoholics Anonymous does not conduct advertising campaigns to attract members. It OFFERS help to alcoholics who wish to achieve their sobriety.

It does not monitor its members. It does not watch them to make sure they do not drink. It HELPS alcoholics to help themselves. 

It is not a religious organization. Each member can have and develop his own ideas about the meaning of life.

It is not a medical organization. It does not provide medications, nor diagnoses, nor psychiatric services.

It does not manage nor have hospitals or health centers; it does not provide hospitalization services.

It is not affiliated with any other organization. However, it cooperates with organizations that combat alcoholism. Some members work in these organizations, but always in a personal capacity; never as representatives of Alcoholics Anonymous nor in its name.

It does not accept money from outside sources, whether public or private.

It does not offer social assistance services. It does not provide housing, food, work, or money. It HELPS alcoholics stay sober in order to achieve these things for themselves.

In keeping with the principle of anonymity, which is included in the very name of the fellowship, Alcoholics Anonymous does not wish to have the names of its members revealed via radio, the press, or TV. That is why the members of Alcoholics Anonymous never reveal the names of other members to outside people. But members of Alcoholics Anonymous are not ashamed to be members. They wish only to MOTIVATE other alcoholics to look for help in the fellowship, and they do not seek to be viewed as heroes simply for taking care of their own health.

Alcoholics Anonymous does not provide certifications nor letters of recommendation to parole boards, judicial authorities, companies, social agencies, etc.