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The first mention in the New York A.A. General Service Offices is a request for information made in 1955 by a doctor in Madrid.  He was put in contact with Ray C., a member of A.A. living in the same city, and the Madrid group was formed.

In the following years, groups appeared in Málaga, Valladolid, Barcelona, Rentería, Las Palmas, Tenerife, etc.

After these beginnings, A.A. came into being in the strict sense in Spain in 1970, when well-established groups all over the country felt the need to be connected and to have an organizational structure on a national level.  With this purpose, group representatives held several meetings.

In October of 1979, the General Service of A.A. in Spain became an official organization, and in April of 1980, the first A.A. General Service Conference took place in Spain.

Since then, General Service Conferences have met yearly to evaluate the condition of the fellowhip and to consider how best to get the message to suffering alcoholics. 

Currently, some 616 groups exist in Spain.  On average, each group meets twice a week.