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A problem with drinking?

If the illness is so difficult for an alcoholic to recognize, how can you decide whether or not you are an alcoholic?  What are the criteria for judging alcoholism?  Drinking in the morning?  Drinking alone?  The amount you drink?  None of these, necessarily.  The proof does not lie in when you drink, nor with whom, nor how much, nor where, nor the type of drink (alcohol is still alcohol, regardless of what it is mixed with), nor even why you drink.  The true criteria lie in the answers to the following questions:

What has drinking done to you?  How does it affect your family, your home, your work, your studies, your social life, your physical well-being, your inner feelings...?

Difficulties in any of these areas indicate the possibility of alcoholism.

Regardless of your age, help is available;  but you must make the decision to ask for it.